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Urb Delta 8 Review

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Urb delta 8 products are a somewhat recent addition to the company’s product lineup. Before this, the company focused on providing plant nutrients and microbes to encourage growth in an eco-friendly manner, reducing reliance on fertilizers. While this is a new direction for Urb, the products are highly rated, giving you plenty of reason to consider Urb delta 8 products.


Urb Review

As mentioned, Urb began as a company creating microbes and nutrients for plants. The focus of Urb has always been on making it easier to grow healthy cannabis, so the addition of delta 8 products was not far off.

Urb has a history of using science and extensive testing to prove its products. This included double-blind field trials, university studies, government agencies, and independent testing facilities. It also includes results that were replicated over and over again.

As such, you can assume that Urb brings the same level of care and dedication to science, research, and testing to its delta 8 products.


Urb Finest Flowers

There is also another brand in the delta 8 industry with a similar name, Urb Finest Flowers. They are also known for their high-quality products and range of offerings. Their products also feature lab testing to give you confidence.


Urb Delta 8 Products

You can choose from two main Urb delta 8 products.


URB Delta 8 THC Raw Grams 93.44% D8 THC

This Urb delta 8 only contains raw and pure delta-8 THC. It has been lab-tested to confirm its potency of 93.44% of that cannabinoid. It comes in a package with a single gram. Urb seals the container using argon gas and uses a childproof jar. This prevents oxidation, preserving the delta 8.

Urb keeps the delta 8 refrigerated until it is shipped. You can continue to extend its life by doing so.

The company suggests you begin with micro-doses, such as 10 mg, before working your way up if necessary.

You can view the lab testing information for this Urb delta 8 concentrate right on the company’s website.


Delta 8 THC Premium Ceramic Vape Cartridge – 1 Gram 91% D8

This Urb delta 8 product is ideal for those who prefer to vape. To create this product, Urb began with the premium-grade raw delta 8 from the other product and had a professional cartridge manufacturer turn it into a premium cartridge for them. This ensures that it is hemp-derived, organic, and without any cutting agents. The goal was to create the cleanest cartridge for delta 8, which Urb feels it achieved.

The cartridge only contains the organic delta 8 distillate and full-spectrum terpenes. The inclusion of those terpenes is to encourage the entourage effect. You can choose from Banana Kush or Strawberry Sour Diesel, both of which are sativa strains. Depending on where you buy the cartridges, other strains may also be available.

The cartridge is ceramic and works with any battery with a universal 510 thread. It may not work with all drop-in magnetic styles. Urb suggests you use the cartridge on low or medium power settings.

As with the other product, you can see the lab test results on the product page of the Urb website.


Urb Consumer Reputation and Customer Support

Both Urb and Urb Finest Flowers take multiple steps to ensure it maintains a strong reputation. This includes lab testing its delta 8 products and displaying the results on its website. You can easily view these results on the relevant product page.

So far, both of the Urb delta 8 products have strongly positive reviews, with either 4.9 or 5 stars out of 5 from verified buyers on the company website.

Reviews on third-party websites of Urb delta 8 products are also highly favorable, with customers praising the products for their smoothness and flavor. They also note that the cartridges and concentrate tend to last a long time as you only need to use a little bit.


Bottom Line

Whether your search for Urb delta 8 takes you to its concentrate and vape cartridges or the range of carts and concentrates from Urb Finest Flowers, you will have a range of offerings to choose from. You will also rest easy knowing that your products have been lab-tested, and you can view the results with ease.

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