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The 8 Best Delta 8 THC CBD Flower Strains

February 13, 2021BlogNo Comments »

The 8 Best Delta 8

There are plenty of ways to consume Delta 8 THC, including extracts, gummies, vaping, and flowers. Many of the Delta 8 THC products you come across will mention what strain they come from, even if you are not buying a flower.

Take a look at some of the best Delta 8 THC CBD flower strains you may come across. Keep in mind that this is not a definitive list, and more strains are created regularly.


Apple Jack

Apple Jack has the heritage of White Widow and Jack Herer. It is potent and popular among those with chronic nausea or pain. It tends to make the body feel relaxed and soothed, along with a hint of warmth. Expect the flavor of a sweet apple when you inhale. This apple flavor is complemented by hints of earth and skunk.


The 8 Best Delta 8 THC CBD Flower Strains


Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a cross between Haze and Blueberry. This Delta 8 strain invigorates the mind while relaxing the body. Expect sweet notes that remind you of berries. It tends to relieve symptoms without being too much of a sedative. As such, it is a popular flower for daytime use.


Delta 8 Flower Elektra

Delta 8 Elektra is an organically grown bud from Mr. Hemp Flower. Like all other flowers from the company, it grows in the United States with organic hemp. This strain is a variation of the brand’s Elektra strain of CBD flower. That strain combines Early Resin Berry and ACDC, both associated with therapeutic effects among consumers. The Delta 8 Elektra strain adds Delta 8 into the existing Elektra strain, enhancing its effects.


Delta 8 Stormy Daniels

This is another flower strain grown by Mr. Hemp Flower. This is essentially the Stormy Daniels strain of hemp flower that has been sprayed with Delta 8 oil to give you the best of both worlds. This flower delivers 45.9 milligrams of Delta 8 per gram of flower.


Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is a well-known flower in the world of hemp and cannabis, but you may not realize it also contains Delta 8 THC for you to enjoy. This is an indica-dominant hybrid and results from crossing Durban Poison with OG Kush. It typically delivers full-body relaxation. It tastes and smells earthy and sweet, also featuring subtle hints of citrus.


Grape Ape

Grape Ape is an indica that is also a parent strain of Zkittlez, another Delta 8 THC strain on this list. As the name implies, it has a delicious grape smell. The grape name may also be influenced by the deep purple leaves on the dense buds. Enjoying this flower will soothe anxiety, stress, and pain for many people.


White Runtz

White Runtz is a cross between Zkittlez, another strain on this list, and Gelato. It is a hybrid that is indica-dominant and features dense white buds. It has a sweet, citrus flavor. Many people appreciate this Delta 8 THC flower strain for its ability to stimulate their appetite and help with relaxation, sleep, and pain.


The 8 Best Delta 8 THC CBD Flower



Zkittlez is a somewhat common Delta 8 THC CBD strain, as you will find it used to create various products from several different brands. The strain combines Grapefruit, Grape Ape, and another strain that no one knows. It tastes similar to the candy Skittles, from which it gets its name. This strain tends to deliver calming effects. You will feel happy and relaxed while still being alert.

While the above strains are some of the best, they are far from the only ones. Before choosing a Delta 8 THC strain, always confirm you are buying it from a reputable company that shows lab testing for their products and grows their hemp organically.

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