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THCP Tincture

THCP Tincture


1000mg THCP Tincture

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Product Description

1000mg THCP Tincture

Strain: THCP
Effects: Relaxed and heavy headed

Type: MCT Oil Tincture
Serving Size: 1 ml
Cannabinoid Content: 1000MG
Ingredients: MCT OIL, THCP OIL

Tinctures contain a minimal amount of ingredients and are unflavored, but do maintain some of the floral taste of the hemp plant and some of the buttery flavors of the MCT Oil.

THCP Tincture Effects

The effects of consumtion may consist of red eyes, dry mouth, increased appetite,Drowsiness,and slowed reaction time. Duratin of effects can last from 4 to 6 hour or more depending on amount consumed.

THCP Tincture FAQ’s

Q: How many drops should I take?
A: Everybody is different and their recommended CBD intake will depend on their individual circumstances. We cannot recommend dosages as we are not doctors. We recommend discussing your use of CBD with your treating physician, especially if you are already taking prescription medications, have a serious medical condition, are pregnant, or are nursing a child.


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