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Durban Poison will have that very earthy and piney flavor. A very spectacular boost of energy to help get you through those long days of work. Effects include a happy, uplifted and energetic.

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Product Description

Durban poison is a sativa dominant strain that has a very piney and earthy flavor. The Effects are Energetic, Happy, and Uplifted.

Strain: Durban Poison
Effects: Uplifting
Flavors: Pine

Description: 510 thread vape cartridge
Serving Size: 10 to 20 mg
Servings per Disposable: 250-300 hits
Ingredients: THCV distillate and botanical terpenes

Type: distillate
Amount of Extract: 1 gram
∆8THC Content: n/a
Extraction Material: n/a
∆9THC Content: n/a
Natural Terpenes: n/a

THC-V Vape Effects

THCV users typically report enjoying a “cleaner”, less impairing set of psychoactive responses; and since THCV’s the best THC analogue for appetite suppression, you won’t have to make a detour past the food truck on your way back to the office after your sesh. It really is the business professional’s THC!

THC-V Vape FAQ’s

Q: How many hits does one Dank-Lite THCV Cartridge contain?
A: roughly 250-500. This may vary depending on several factors, such as: the voltage of the user’s battery, exposure to elements and abuse, frequency of use, duration of inhale/size of hit, etc.

Q: Is THCV safe to use?
A: Yes, with exceptions. This product is psychoactive and may cause impairment, so please don’t use Dank-Lite THCV prior to operating any vehicles or heavy machinery. If you struggle with health issues pertaining to ocular pressure and blood pressure, we would not recommend the use of our products without the recommendation of a certified medical professional.

Q: How long will it take for me to feel something?
A: in most cases, Dank-Lite THCV Cartridge users report the onset of effects within thirty seconds to three minutes of the initial use; however, you may experience a longer or a shorter wait.


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