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Silver Owl Isolate Powder


Silver Owl Isolate Powder


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The grandmother of the entire line of Silver Owl CBD products, CBD isolate in its powdered form is as pure as any CBD can get! While providing many of the same health benefits as cannabis, our CBD isolate is all natural and derived from Colorado-grown hemp plants that contain under 0.3% THC, meeting both state and federal requirements, and cannot possibly get you high or cause you to fail a drug test.

CBD isolate powder

The plant matter we extract and isolate our CBD from is heavily regulated and tested frequently for any trace amounts of toxins including pesticides, heavy metals and fungal spores that have been found in lesser brands, especially those imported from overseas. All of our testing, extraction, isolation and production is done in facilities approved to operate and frequently monitored by both the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and Denver’s Department of Environmental Health (DEH). As some of our own most frequent customers, we can’t stand the thought of putting such harmful particulates in our bodies, nor would we ever give our mothers those kinds of poisons- and we’ve got our mothers taking Silver Owl CBD too, so we keep our standards high!

When it comes to making sure you’re getting pure, natural, unadulterated CBD in the exact measurements you’d prefer, you won’t buy a safer bet than Silver Owl’s CBD isolate powder anywhere online. Just as we’ve used our isolate powder in all of our products, you can use it in any of your DIY projects too! It works perfectly as a food or drink additive, can be infused into at-home tinctures and other remedies, and can even be vaporized in a wax pen or used with a dab rig.

Pro tips: start your day off right with a CBD-infused fruit smoothie! Adding a tiny scoop of isolate powder to a meal or a drink consistently every day will help you get the most benefits out of your CBD use. And if you already use cannabis and are legally permitted to do so in your area, try coating a dab with some Silver Owl CBD Isolate for an added kick from the “Entourage Effect”!

Available in 500mg or 1,000mg jars.

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