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Silver Owl Full Spectrum CBD Dog Treats

Silver Owl Full Spectrum CBD Dog Treats


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Since their release, Silver Owl CBD Pet Oils have consistently been one of our best sellers to family households. And since most of their users happen to be doggos, we decided to show a little extra loving to our best friends with the first expansion of our pet line in nearly a year!

Silver Owl CBD Dog Treats have been extensively tested by the Silver Owl Sales Dog, Ross (He’s the handsome Akita mix in many of our photos and videos on social media that roams the offices every day, keeping the vibe high). After sending his bipedal coworkers back to the drawing board a few times we believe he’s found the most pup-appealing mix of flavors: pumpkin and peanut butter. Ol’ Rossie can’t get enough of these… we’ve had to cut him off a few times now!

Unlike our CBD Isolate infused Pet Oils, our CBD Dog Treats are powered by our non-psychoactive Full Spectrum Extract, allowing your favorite canines to enjoy the best results possible thanks to the Entourage Effect’s broad impact on their endocannabinoid systems. These biscuit style treats each pack 10mg of CBD and other hemp derived cannabinoids, are made with only seven ingredients (all but the hemp extract are ingredients commonly found in dog treats and food), and like the rest of our products are 100% sourced and manufactured locally in Colorado.

Share a Silver Owl CBD Dog Treat with your favorite pooch today and tell us what they think! Let them know that we’re here for them too!


Available In: 300mg and 600mg Jars

Serving Size: 1 Treat

Extract Used: Full Spectrum

Cannabinoids Per Serving: 10mg+

THC Content: <0.3% (in accordance with all applicable state and federal laws)

Ingredients: Flour, Eggs, Pumpkin Puree, Peanut Butter, Salt, Potassium Sorbate, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

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