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Pre Roll HHC Joint – Watermelon Ice

Pre Roll HHC Joint – Watermelon Ice


Pre Roll HHC Joint – Watermelon Ice

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Product Description

If thoughts of watermelons bring to mind memories of lazy summer afternoons spent talking with friends and letting the day flow by at its own pace, you’re not too far off the experience offered by this pre-roll. Cool and fruity like the first bite into a fresh slice of melon, enjoy its burgeoning head high and take in life’s passive pleasures, then lay back and bask in its final state of full body relaxation.

Strain: Watermelon Ice
Effects: Relaxing, Social, Giggly
Flavors: Fruity, Minty, Watermelon

Description: n/a
Serving Size: n/a
Servings per Pre Roll: n/a
Ingredients: n/a

Type: n/a
Amount of Extract: n/a
∆8THC Content: n/a
Extraction Material: n/a
∆9THC Content: n/a
Natural Terpenes: Limonene

HHC Pre Roll Effects

Relaxing, Social, Giggly

HHC Pre Roll FAQ’s

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