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Orange Krush

Orange Krush


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Silver Owl Orange Krush Flower

We couldn’t just release a handful of new indica strains without introducing a new sativa strain to the mix, but not every kind of bud can compete with the beauty and the potency of our new Monster Goblin and Grape Goblin strains. However, we’re darn good at what we do and know how to cross strains like we were mixing drinks. Enter Silver Owl’s Orange Krush strain: a breed that might be our best sativa dominant option yet! 

In order to get our Orange Krush buds to where they’re at today, our farmers had to carefully cultivate several phenotypes of two elusive hemp strains until we found the options best suited for producing a strong sativa hybrid. Then, by breeding a Californian Orange male heavily leaning towards its sativa roots with a more mellow but flavorful Blueberry female, we finally found some winning genetics. A few more growth cycles spent perfecting our phenotypes’ yields led to the bright orange, sweet-tasting nugs we now have available for your use.

Orange Krush brings out the sweet, tangy and citrus notes from its father on the inhale, then follows with a floral and berry-flavored exhale courtesy of its mother. Sativa effects dominate the vast majority of the experience, but it all wraps up with a slightly indica ending that helps bring its users back down to the ground without completely knocking them out. This clever blend of hype and chill can really rock your next Sunday Funday!

Orange Krush Dominant Cannabinoid: CBDA (17.68%)

Monster Goblin Flower Delta-9 THC Content: 0.19%

Indica/Sativa Ratio: 25% / 75%

Lineage: Californian Orange (Unknown Origin) x Blueberry (Purple Thai x Thai) 

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