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Grape Goblin

Grape Goblin


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Silver Owl Grape Goblin Hemp Flower

Of all the in-house hemp strains we’ve released in 2020 and 2021, Green Goblin has been the most popular by far. Its bright, green buds, fiery orange hairs, sugar-glaze of trichomes and delicious notes were enough to spark an unprecedented, national surge in interest in the Silver Owl CBD Company’s industrial hemp farming practices and their results. With thousands of pounds leaving our farm every month, we still can’t keep this strain in stock!

Green Goblin’s success as a premium hemp strain caused us to wonder: what else could we do with this strain? We knew its potential payload of cannabinoids would make this strain a great breeder, so we set out to cross our Green Goblin phenotypes with those of other rare and exotic strains in our greenhouses. This resulted in the creation of our two newest premium hemp varieties, Grape Goblin and Monster Goblin.

True to its name, Grape Goblin produces delightful flavors and smells of grape when burned. The familiar tastes of citrus and berries permeate the inhale, while slight notes of pine from the strain’s potent indica lineage can be tasted on the exhale- all likely leading to a heavy nap an hour or two later. Grape Goblin is definitely an “in-da-couch” kind of strain, so kick back and relax with a bowl or a roll!

Grape Goblin Dominant Cannabinoid: CBDA (21.23%)

Grape Goblin Flower Delta-9 THC Content: 0.24%

Indica/Sativa Ratio: 95% / 5%

Lineage: Green Goblin (Warlock x Big Bud) x Grape Ape (Mendocino Purps x Skunk x Afghani)

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