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Delta 8 Moon Rocks


Delta 8 Moon Rocks


These CBD hemp flower buds dipped in Delta-8 disellate and rolled in CBD keef, come with a high-potency. Consisting of plant and cannabinoid compounds, they have a rich terpene profile and can be vaped or smoked.

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For those new to the charming effects of the Delta-8 experience, we recommend trying Delta-8 Moon Rocks in the evening, as they can have a profound chill-out effect on users. Our Delta-8 Moon rocks are a premium choice for many due to their extremely calming cerebral effects

Weight: 1 Gram, 3.5 Grams – 1/8th oz, 14 Grams – 1/2 oz, 28 Grams – 1 oz, 454 Grams – 1 lbs

What is Delta-8: Delta-8-THC is an analog of Delta-9-THC. It is made from CBD and used as a supplement in many of our products. The small molecular difference between Delta-8 and Delta-9 gives Delta-8-THC lower psychoactive potency. Unlike Delta-9, which only activates CB1 receptors, Delta-8 activates both the CB1 and CB2 receptors, diluting the effects of THC. It’s only half as powerful as Delta-9, providing a less intense but equally calming experience for users.

What is CBD: CBD is a natural cannabinoid found in wild hemp. Unlike Delta-9-THC it is not psychoactive. When used, it may impart a mild feeling of relaxation and calm.

What is CBD keef: CBD hemp keef is a form of cannabis. It is created by removing the resin glands and the crystal coating from the trichomes which form the bud on female hemp plants. Once removed, these trichomes produce a fine powder rich in CBD. Kief is considered one of the cleanest ways to consume CBD because there is almost no processing or solvents involved. It is also low in THC.

How do you smoke Delta-8 Moon Rocks: Like any other nugs, Delta-8 moon rocks can be smoked in a joint, bowl, pipe, or bong. Generally, it’s easier to use the latter two, due to their dense and greasy nature.

Benefits: Our Delta-8-THC moon rocks contain densely packed cannabinoids, offering an instant mood boost that is more intense than other Delta-8 products with less complex cannabinoids. Individuals who use Delta-8 experience less anxiety, greater tranquillity, and a calmer disposition. Our Delta-8 Moon Rocks can help take the edge off a stressful day and deepen relaxation, as well as alleviate pain.

Side effects may include drowsiness, fatigue, stomach ache, vomiting, and diarrhea.
Use responsibly and keep out of reach of children.
Don’t consume Delta-8-THC products if you need to take a drug test as you may test positive for drug consumption.
Delta 8 cannot be held responsible for any individual who consumes this product.
Delta-8 Moon Rocks are legal according to federal law and many state laws.

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1 Gram, 3.5 Grams – 1/8th oz, 14 Grams – 1/2 oz, 28 Grams – 1 oz, 454 Grams – 1 lbs




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