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Delta 8 CBD Flower

Delta 8 CBD Flower


One of the mildest cannabinoids, Delta-8-THC flowers have a slight psychoactive effect but one that’s nothing like Delta-9-THC, which is why they’ve gained popularity. Our high-quality Delta-8 CBD flowers allow users to go about their day without adverse cerebral effects.

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What Are Delta-8 Flowers?

Delta-8 Flowers are marijuana flowers that are becoming extremely popular. They’re the staple of 2021s THC culture, and to make the deal even sweeter, they have some very distinctive and unique effects, not to mention the very 420-friendly legal aspect.

The Delta-8 THC flower contains a form of THC with more than a few advantages compared to other cannabinoids. It’s the much more potent version of Delta-9, which has been used for ages to treat things such as extreme nausea or lack of appetite.

In more technical terms, Delta-8 is a phytocannabinoid derived from marijuana. Delta-8 is also an isomer of Delta-9 – and Delta-9 is what we call THC. That makes Delta-8 far more potent and efficient – think of Delta-8 as super cannabis. 

While there aren’t many studies conducted on Delta-8 hemp flowers, that’s because Delta-8 is a relative newcomer to the field. Some studies have shown that this interesting phytocannabinoid might be deserving of our attention and could very well change how cannabis is thought of in the pharmaceutical industry and the legal system. 

Delta-8 THC flowers are one of the mildest cannabinoids, and yes, they do have a slight psychoactive effect.

Is Delta-8 Flower Safe to Use on a Daily Basis?

Yes. The Delta-8 THC Flower is one of the safest types of hemp flowers out there. While it’s far more potent than Delta-9, it comes with fewer possible side effects than traditional THC. Delta-8 provides an entirely different feeling when compared to conventional THC.

Again, there are limited studies on the matter. Still, the ones that have been done on the Delta-8 CBD flower show no noticeable adverse effects of including trusted Delta-8 flowers into your daily supplement regimen. 

Back in the day, when CBD was slowly going mainstream, there were also many skeptics, but today, CBD is one of the world’s most popular and beneficial daily supplements. 

What Might a Delta-8 Flower Market Look Like?

Well, a Delta-8 THC flower market might look quite a lot like the CBD market. While Delta-8 comes in flower form, it might be used for the same reason by the same target demographic. Delta-8 is a mild cannabinoid, so it’s safe to assume that it will head on over to the supplement market in no time.

How much of the market it dominates isn’t clear. Delta-8 isn’t a cannabinoid. It’s a phytocannabinoid, and legalization for recreational use of phytocannabinoids isn’t as widespread as it should be – yet.

It’s not a matter of if – it’s a matter of when will Delta-8 Hemp flowers become the next big thing in the cannabis-based supplement market, and when that time does come, we’re sure that we’ll see an explosion of innovation, new Delta-8 based products, and a swarm of studies. 

5 Effects of Delta-8 Flower

Euphoric but not overwhelming

Smoking marijuana causes euphoria – that’s nothing new, but for most people, smoking the wrong kind or consuming too much of it can cause a bit of a sensory overload. That leads to a bad trip, which is far from what most people who smoke cannabis are looking for. 

Smoking the best Delta-8 flowers will give you a slight sense of euphoria without overwhelming you, meaning you’ll experience next to no movement or cognitive impairment, anxiety attacks, and sensory overload. 

You’ll get the munchies! 

The best Delta-8 flower is praised for its ability to treat eating disorders by many people who have consumed it. Artificially produced cannabinoids like this have been used for decades to increase appetite, and consuming Delta-8 might do the trick in a natural, risk-free way. 

Paranoia-free ride 

Many people who smoke cannabis tend to experience immense paranoia if they consume too much of it. These effects are not caused by Delta-8 – but instead, it’s big brother Delta-9. 

If you’re using a high-quality Delta-8 THC flower, you can rest assured that everything will go along smoothly without all the negative cognitive effects that happen as a result of consuming traditional marijuana. 

Next-to-no Sedation 

The familiar psychoactive effects might be the prime reason why many people consume THC, but if you’re looking for a milder option, Delta-8 might be the right thing for you. Delta-9 can cause heavy sedation if consumed in mid-to-high amounts, usually thought of as the main adverse effect of THC.

On the other hand, if you consume Delta-8, you can experience a far less sedative effect, which will let you go on with your day as usual and keep a fairly clear head. 

Considerable Energy Boost 

While traditional THC might cause sedation, Delta-8 doesn’t sedate you nearly as much and can even provide an energy boost. If you’re looking for something to help you get through the day and you’re not fond of caffeine products, Delta-8 might be the best option for you. 

Main Reasons to Try Delta-8 THC Flower


Not everyone enjoys smoking too much cannabis, and before you start asking, “How can I find Delta-8 flowers near me” you’ll be glad to know that the side-effects are quite mild. These days, with top-quality Delta-8 flower available in the US around, you can have a mildly intoxicating THC dose, all while avoiding all the adverse effects. 


Delta-8 is entirely legal and isn’t banned in the USA. That’s because Delta-8 is derived from hemp instead of cannabis. Even if it is a phytocannabinoid and it does have light psychoactive effects, it’s not explicitly illegal, so you can purchase it without having to worry about the DEA knocking on your door. 


You can find cheap Delta-8 flowers pretty easily. Delta-8 isn’t nearly as expensive as the other THC products on the market, although it is by far the mildest option on the market. If you’re looking to save some money and include a top-of-the-line supplement in your daily regimen, Delta-8 might be your best bet. 


While there are no studies conducted on the taste of traditional cannabis and Delta-8 flowers, anecdotal evidence shows that Delta-8 flowers taste entirely different from their Delta-9 counterparts. The taste of Delta-8 is reported to be a lot milder and smoother, with some users even calling it “cannabis light.”

How to Use Delta-8 Flowers?

You can use the Delta-8 flower just like you would use a traditional cannabis flower. You can dilute it into Delta-8 oil, smoke it whole, or even add it to different snacks. When it comes to consuming Delta-8, it’s no different from its cannabis counterpart in any way. 

What Delta-8 Flower Products Does Offer?

We here at 8Delta8 are more than proud to say that we offer five outstanding Delta-8 Flower products: Apple Jack, Berry Blossom, Tropical haze, Green Gobin, Monster Goblin!

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Apple Jack, Berry Blossom, Tropical haze, Green Gobin, Monster Goblin


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