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1g Delta-8 Syringe


1g Delta-8 Syringe

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Our 1 Gram Delta 8 Syringe is filled with premium-quality, thick Delta-8 CBD distillate made from hemp strains like Sativa and Indica. It’s suitable to use alone, in tinctures, edibles or vape cartridges. Whether you’re ingesting or smoking, the distillate from our 1 Gram Delta 8 Syringe adds that little extra buzz to your CBD experience.
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The syringe’s lure lock system ensures the distillate is kept in air-tight storage conditions and makes for easy dispensing. Our Delta-8 distillate is made from 100% hemp and does not crystallize. It may appear to look like a solid at low temperatures, but this is mainly due to its high viscosity.

Weight: 40g

Strains: Blue Dream, Bubba Kush, Mango Kush, Natural, Pineapple Express, Runtz, Strawberry Lemonade

Usage recommendations: We recommend heating in water for 5-15 minutes to ensure the Delta-8 distillate is evenly warmed before use. Our Delta-8 concentrate tends to cool rapidly, requiring users to work quickly once the oil has melted. Wear gloves as the concentrate can be very sticky, and always clean the syringe with a solvent like ethanol to ensure repeated easy use. Please note that when the syringe is heated some distillate may flow out of the tip. Pull the plunger backward to suck the oil back into the syringe.

What is Delta-8: Delta-8-THC is an analog of Delta-9-THC. It is made from CBD and used as a supplement in many of our products. The small molecular difference between Delta-8 and Delta-9 gives Delta-8-THC lower psychoactive potency. Delta-9 only activates CB1 receptors, but Delta-8 activates both the CB1 and CB2 receptors, diluting the effects of THC. It’s only half as powerful as Delta-9, providing a less intense but equally calming experience for users.

What is CBD: When used, it may impart a mild feeling of relaxation and calm. Early research suggests CBD may have positive medicinal effects on the mind and body as there are no major risks associated with consuming hemp.

Benefits: Our cannabinoids are distilled at low temperatures, removing impurities and solvents, leaving behind a clear distillate with potent Delta-8 potential. Delta-8 promotes increased well-being and healthy sleeping patterns. Its effects increase creativity, aid focus, as well as relieving pain and anxiety.Delta-8 users routinely report feeling energized and calm. To achieve a high bioavailability, we recommend using our 1 Gram Delta 8 Syringe for dabbing.

Best stored in a cool, dry place.
Avoid extreme temperatures to ensure product longevity.
Refrigerating the 1 Gram Delta Syringe will increase thawing and preparation time.
Do not push the plunger before heating as it may break the syringe.
Delta-8 cannot be held responsible for any individual who consumes this product.

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Weight .04 kg

Blue Dream, Bubba Kush, Mango Kush, Natural, Pineapple Express, Runtz, Strawberry Lemonade


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