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Jetty Reserve Delta-8 Review

February 3, 2021BlogNo Comments »

Jetty Reserve is a product line from Jetty Extracts. The team behind the Jetty Reserves line, which includes Nate Ferguson, aims to push boundaries by offering experimental cannabinoid collections, including Delta-8.


Jetty Extracts Review

 Jetty Extracts began in 2013 in California. The company began with the goal of “doing cannabis right.” The team began by removing the harmful additives from its vape products. Over the years, it has expanded its offerings, including extraction. All of the products are made in California.

The Delta-8 Cartridge, just like all the other Jetty Extracts products, is free from fillers, chemicals, and pesticides.


Jetty Reserve Product Details

 Jetty Extracts describes its Jetty Delta-8 Reserve as the result of a complex process of converting cannabinoids. The Jetty team, led by Nate, starts with a Delta-9 distillate that has a high potency. The team then rearranges the cannabinoid’s molecules with help from a catalyst. This process produces Delta-8 THC.

The Delta-8 is made using the finest flowers from trusted local farmers. The extraction is made with cryo-distillation. Finally, the process reintroduces terpenes into the oil.

The total cannabinoids in the Delta-8 Reserve are 76.3%. This includes 67.80% Delta-8 THC and 6.75% Delta-9 THC. There is no CBD in the product.

Jetty describes the Delta-8 Reserve as delivering a whole-body high that is long-lasting.

The cartridge itself is a Premium CCELL cartridge that features a Jetty signature wood tip for extra elegance. It is compatible with any 510-thread battery.


Jetty Reserve Delta-8 Review


PAX Era Pods

Jetty Extracts also offers the Delta-8 Reserve PAX Era Pods. These contain the same Delta-8 THC and have the same production process, including the use of high-quality plants. The difference is that these pods are for the PAX Era devices. If you are unfamiliar with the system, it is a premium pod and pen system with controls built-in and on an app.


What Consumers Say about Jetty Reserve Delta-8

 Both those who are new to Delta-8 THC and those who have tried it before have shown their appreciation for Jetty Delta-8 Reserve Cartridges. They praise the cartridge for the chill high that will not overpower the senses. Those with a bit more experience appreciate the strong body high that is not overwhelmingly heavy.

Some users also say that the Reserve Delta-8 helps their brain performance and improves their memory. Some also say that they do not feel tired or sleepy.

Reviewers also agree that the Delta-8 has a nice taste. Others point out that the cartridge lasts a long time with low to moderate use.


Other Jetty Reserve Products From Jetty Extracts

In addition to the Delta 8 Reserve Cartridge, the Jetty Reserve line also includes the African Queen Reserve Cartridge and the Jetty x Doug’s Varin High THC-V Reserve Cartridge. Both are sativa-dominant hybrids.

African Queen Reserve features a solvent-less terpene extraction method. It comes from the Blue River flower and carefully combines isolated cannabinoids the Jetty distillate with the high terpene sauce fraction from Blue River.

Jetty x Doug’s Varin High THC-V Reserve has 30.61% THC-V, 55.89% THC, and 2.98% CBD. Doug’s Varin is an award-winning cultivar family, showing off this product’s quality.


Jetty Reserve Delta-8


Jetty Reserve Customer Service

 Jetty Extracts does not have a phone number to call customer service. Instead, there is a contact form on the website, as well as email addresses for Northern and Southern California. They also have a social media presence, including on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can contact customer service via those platforms.


Bottom Line

 Jetty Reserve Delta-8 is a well-regarded concentrate with a high content of Delta-8 THC. The concentrate is highly rated for its ability to deliver a high that is enough without overwhelming users. The construction of the cartridge also shows a high level of attention to detail.

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