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Guild Extracts Delta-8 Review

February 5, 2021BlogNo Comments »

Guild Extracts, based in California, focuses on producing concentrates. Among the various concentrates it offers, you will find the Delta-8 concentrate ideal for vaping and dabbing.


Guild Extracts Review

 Guild Extracts is well-respected in the industry as a “legacy” brand. It earned this reputation by creating innovative cannabis extraction methods and with its team that has more than two decades of industry experience. Guild Extracts is a pioneer in both high terpene extracts and molecular isolates. The company was the first to make and sell 99.9% pure THCA crystalline.

The current extraction techniques Guild Extracts uses are patented and rely on light hydrocarbon solvents to preserve the terpene and cannabinoid profile. Today, the company specializes in creating small-batch extracts with unrivaled aromatics, flavor, and potency.

In addition to creating its own products to sell under the Guild Extracts name, the company offers other services for companies in the cannabis industry. These include white-label services, contract manufacturing, consulting, sourcing, and collaborations.


Guild Extracts


Guild Extracts Delta-8 Products

 The main Guild Extracts Delta-8 product is called Delta-8 Crystal Clear. It is ideal for dabbing or vaping and has a potency of between 65 and 80 percent Delta-8 THC.

As with most other extracts, Guild Extracts developed its own method to maximize Delta-8 THC extraction. The result is a potent and safe distillate.

According to Guild Extracts, its Delta-8 Crystal Clear and other Delta-8 products produce a euphoric, clean effect without anxiety when dabbing. For general use, it delivers an uplifting, lucid high that lets you stay tranquil and calm. The company particularly recommends it for those who tend to feel paranoia or anxiety when using cannabis. There is also some promise that Delta-8 THC may help with nausea, pain, and lack of appetite.


Other Products

While Delta-8 Crystal Clear is currently the only Delta-8 product listed on the company’s website, there are also several other Delta-8 THC products from the brand.

There is a Delta 8 cartridge that contains 45 to 65 percent THC and uses the same proprietary extraction process. It works with a 510 CCELL battery for the best results.

Blueberry Trainwreck Delta 8 Sauce is a concentrate with an earthy and diesel flavor and aroma. It also has hints of spices, sweetness, and fruitiness, in addition to the expected blueberry from its name. It delivers the calming head high typically associated with Delta-8 THC. This is great for productivity with a sleepy and smooth come-down. It delivers a medium head high and a strong body high.

Another option is the Dr. Who Delta 8 Sauce. This is a concentrate with somewhat similar effects. It delivers a head high with a relaxed buzz in the body and plenty of social energy. Its aroma and flavor are piney and sweet. Other flavors and scents include citrus, berries, earthiness, fruity, sourness, and grape. It tends to deliver a medium high both for the head and the body.


Guild Extracts Delta-8 Review


Guild Extracts Customer Service

 You can contact Guild Extracts via the contact form on its website. The company also has a convenient store locator on its website, where you can find local dispensaries that sell its products. They also have an active Twitter page and a not-so-active Facebook page, offering additional methods of contacting the company.


Bottom Line

 Guild Extracts Delta-8 is a unique extract made using a proprietary process. It comes from one of the best-regarded companies in California and is known for its innovative and pioneering extraction techniques and strong reputation for quality. The Delta-8 Crystal Clear is versatile enough to use with your vaporizer or dabbing rig.

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