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Delta 8 Syringe Review

March 24, 2021BlogNo Comments »

One of the many convenient ways to buy and use delta-8 THC is with a delta 8 syringe. These are syringes containing delta 8 distillate. Keep in mind that the syringes are not designed for injection. Instead, they are designed to make dosing more accurate and convenient.


What Is in a Delta 8 Syringe?

As mentioned, delta 8 syringes contain delta 8 distillate, but what is this?

Delta 8 is a cannabinoid that naturally occurs in both hemp and cannabis. It produces psychoactive effects but to a much lesser degree than cannabis (specifically the delta-9 THC in it). Delta 8 is also not associated with the anxiety or paranoia that sometimes comes with cannabis use. It is associated with anti-nausea properties and stimulating your appetite.

Hemp-derived delta 8 is legal federally, but a few states have made it illegal.

The distillate is a concentrate that contains delta 8 and is derived from hemp. It is highly potent and has been highly refined via distillation. The distillation process refines the delta 8 and activates all of its components.

So, delta 8 distillate, like that found in a syringe, is a highly refined concentrate of the delta-8 THC cannabinoid. You can use it for relaxation or other potential uses.


Important Features of Delta 8 Syringes

As mentioned, delta 8 syringes are not for injection. You use them for dosing. Most syringes will contain a milliliter of delta 8 distillate, but there are some exceptions. The syringes have convenient lines for measurements at varying intervals, typically 0.1 or 0.2 milliliters.


How to Use Delta 8 Syringes

Before you use or even buy delta 8 syringes, you should know that the distillate inside them is highly viscous and close to solid when at low temperatures. Because of this, you need to heat it slightly to avoid damaging the plunger or the syringe.

If, after heating the syringe, you still cannot easily use the plunger, then you probably need to heat the oil a bit longer. You should never force the plunger as this is very likely to damage the syringe itself or the plunger.


Heat the Syringe With Hot Water

One option to heat the syringe and the distillate inside is to use a hot water bath. Heat the water, then place the syringe in it for five to 15 minutes. Keep the cap on and make sure the syringe is fully-submerged. Remember to wear heat-resistant gloves because the syringe will be very hot.


Heat the Syringe With a Blow Dryer

If you prefer, you can also use a regular hair dryer to heat the distillate before using the delta 8 syringe. Start by removing the cap and putting on heat-resistant gloves. Remember that you need to use the hairdryer to heat the distillate completely. Not completely heating it may make it impossible to operate the syringe.


How to Use the Needle (If Included)

Remember that you should NOT inject yourself with the delta 8 syringe. Given that, why do some syringes come with a needle? This is for easier dispensing. You can use the needle or tip to make it easier to get the distillate into a vape cartridge or something similar.


How to Clean and Store the Delta 8 Syringe

Because of the high concentration of the distillate in a delta 8 syringe, you are not likely to use it all at once (unless you share it with several people). This is fine, and you can store it anywhere that is cool and dark. The fridge works, but keep in mind that you may need to heat it for longer if you store it in the fridge.

To make life easier and less messy, clean the syringe before you store it. Just use a safe solvent like ethanol to wipe the syringe’s dispensing tip. Skipping this step can lead to the cap sticking to the syringe.

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