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CBx Sciences Delta-8 Review

February 3, 2021BlogNo Comments »

CBx Sciences

CBx Sciences Delta-8 is one of the company’s “Gems,” which is what it calls its capsules. These capsules make it easy to consume Delta-8 THC and have mostly positive consumer reviews.


CBx Sciences Review

 CBx Sciences refers to itself as a botanical technology company that hopes to advance the cannabis industry around the world. It offers a range of products for consumers as well as solutions for companies in the cannabis industry. The brand, founded by seasoned experts, has property agreements for licensing, distribution, and intellectual property with leading health care and cannabis brands, including Evolab.

In addition to its Delta-8 THC capsules, CBx Sciences also focuses heavily on cannabinoids apart from THC. Other products tend to highlight CBG, CBD, and CBN.

The various products from CBx Sciences take cannabinoids and terpenes and combine them with other botanical ingredients. The product lineup included vape products, edible capsules, topical treatments, and more.

The company claims that its full line of products helps support wellness for a range of purposes. It specifically mentions relieving stress, dealing with sports injuries, and treating skin blemishes.


CBx Sciences Delta-8


The CBx Sciences Delta-8 Product

 The CBx Sciences Delta-8 product is part of its “Gems” line of lozenges or capsules. Each container of capsules contains 150 milligrams of Delta-8 THC. The capsule format makes it easy to get accurate dosing and also makes the product highly portable.

Although the reviews of CBx Sciences Delta-8 Gems are somewhat mixed, they tend to be mostly positive.

Some people successfully use it to help eliminate general discomfort and nausea, including from chemotherapy. Others found relief from stomach aches with it. Some have even successfully used them to overcome extreme pain from traumatic back injuries.

Overall, the most common uses of these capsules seem to be providing relief and relaxation without getting high, or at least not very high.

The consensus among those who have tried the lozenges is that they deliver a mellow, low “roll.” This makes them popular for situations when you need some relief but are not going to be in the comfort of your own home.


The CBx Sciences Gems

 Like other products from the brand, CBx Sciences Gems combine terpenes and cannabinoids with botanicals that have been carefully chosen. The Gems are lozenges that are pharmaceutical grade and made using natural ingredients. Your body absorbs the ingredients quickly, and you use them sublingually. This lets them skip the first-pass metabolism. The result is you consuming more of the Delta-8 THC or other cannabinoids than you would in a product you swallowed.


CBx Sciences Delta-8 Review


Other Gems

Some of the other Gems from CBx Sciences include Amplify and Meditate. Amplify provides you with energy and a feeling similar to a runner’s high. Meditate includes cannabinoids like CBN and CBD, known for their calming effects, along with GABA and melatonin.

Some of the main ingredients found across the CBx Sciences Gems lineup include CBN, green tea, GABA, CBD, vitamin B12, melatonin, and THC, each of which serves a specific purpose.


CBx Sciences Customer Service

 Interestingly, the contact link on the CBx Sciences website delivered an error message at the time of writing. However, you can easily send an email to the company by clicking on the mail symbol at the bottom of the page by the social media buttons. CBx Sciences is also present on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and ready to assist customers via those methods.


Bottom Line

 For those who want to take advantage of the effects of Delta-8 in the form of a portable and discreet capsule or lozenge, CBx Sciences Delta-8 is a great option. It also acts quickly, giving you the expected effects in less time than it would take with an edible.

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