Free Shipping on orders over $100

Free Shipping on orders over $100

About Us

A little about who we are

We are Delta 8, a registered limited liability company which manufactures, distributes, and retails Delta 8-THC products made from 100% federally legally grown Hemp oil extract. We believe in two things here at Delta 8: safety and customer satisfaction, and we run our business with those very ideals. We guarantee that each and every product we sell containing Delta 8-THC extract is lab tested and passed through the highest of internal and third-party quality controls. This means we are able to consistently deliver not only a potent product in terms of active Delta 8-THC content but a safe and reliable one which you know you can trust. Every product we sell includes a QR-code on the packaging which will directly take you to the exact lab results for the individual batch your product was made from. This way, you are able to rest assured knowing that the same batch of Delta 8-THC oil you are consuming is safe and free of additives or other cutting agents! We guarantee that we will never use a cutting agent in any of our products because quite simply our oil is far too high quality to even need one. When you buy a Delta 8 product, you know it is 100% pure. We as a company plan to introduce new products in our line beginning late 2020 as we expand and grow into topical and edible Delta 8-THC products. Since the 2018 Farm Bill clarifies that Hemp products which contain below 0.3% Delta 9-THC are legal for public use, we are able to distribute legal THC to the masses. By combining the highest quality materials, we are able to offer our customers an unmatched legal THC experience.

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